Digitisation support

DiDip aims at making as many medieval and early modern charters available to the general public and scholars and to the tools developed in the project. Therefore we invite everybody with plans to digitize charter collections or having a collection of digitized charters and in search for repository offering state-of-the art analytical methods, or just planning to boost the audience of your digitized charter collection by inserting it into Monasterium.net, the world’s largest charter portal online, to get in contact with us to talk about the possibilities to support you: didip@uni-graz.at

For digitisation, we cooperate with ICARus, the international association of archivists, who has digitised more than 400.000 medieval and early modern charters in the last 15 years, but you can arrange your own digitisation campaign. We can help you creating the specification sheets for the service provider of your choice. Scan parameters should accord to monasterium.net standards.

For data transfer to Monasterium.net we rely on the standards and procedures used in Monasterium.net, however experience tells us that each case is unique, and we looking forward to counsel you on how to convert your EAD, your TEI, your other digital finding aid, your spreadsheet, or your word processing file into the data format used in Monasterium.net and in the Didip project.

For application of the methods developed in our project, we suggest that you add your data to the Monasterium.net portal, as all our tools use workflows based on this system. But if you want to use the methods without data transfer, please get in contact with us.

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