Status of our Work, presentation in Debrecen 28.3.2023

At the Workshop on Digital Editions (Bázisadatoktól az adatbázisokig —workshop a digitális tér hasznáról), organized by the Doctoral School of History and Ethnology of the University of Debrecen, we presented “From Digital to Distant Diplomatics with Status and Outlook“.


According the the organizers, the concept was mainly inspired at our conference on “Digital Diplomacy 2022”, held in Graz from 28-30 October 2022, where Zsolt Hunyadi (SZTE) and Ádám Novák (ELKH-DE “Military History of Medieval Hungary and Central Europe”) attended as speakers.

Shortly after Graz, the University of Debrecen, the University of Pécs, and the University of Szeged joined forces to launch the course entitled Historical Resources in the Digital Space: Existing Models and Possible Solutions in 2023. The aim of the course was to introduce the participating doctoral students to the basics of database construction and to provide them with tools that will help them in their future research.

Prior to Debrecen, the training was delivered online over the course of four sessions. This was followed by the hybrid study days. The program was introduced by Attila Bárány, head of the Doctoral School of History and Ethnography at Debrecen University. Zsolt Hunyadi (Szeged) then extended a warm welcome to the attendees, explaining that it was their initiative to organize the round table discussion and introduce students to databases and digital collections that could be useful to their future research.

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